Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Marian the Librarian

I am such a nerd that I have always had a study in all of my apartments...even in NY where square footage was lacking I insisted on having a book filled workspace. Nowadays I have a proper (albeit rural) study with knotty pine walls and ceiling, a daybed for lounging and napping and enough chocolate brown to fill the W Hotel. I have been thinking of painting my gray "industrial" bookshelves from CB2 (Yes, I know they make them in orange now!) a coral-ey red. Naturally I looked to my Inspiration Bible (ripped out magazine pages in plastic sleeves from Staples) and came on these, which I had to share.


tippytay said...

to match your coral pillows?????

Le Owner said...

someone has a MAJOR coral thing happening now, don't they? ;)