Monday, July 28, 2008

Inspiration: Sea Ranch

This past weekend I stayed in a cottage in Sea Ranch, CA that was built in 1968.
The area is known for its architecture as well as stunning topography. Here is a view of the front entry. While this house was very unique, it is a great example of the building style of the area. Very few homes were stained or painted and instead were grey like this one.

I love succulents, they have are so much like sculpture. The house had a succulent garden inside the gates that was there long before Flora Grubb.

In the entry owl hooks were hung for hats and coats.

The inside was filled with skylights and transom windows.

Because it is a family vacation home instead of a rental, there were all sorts of artifacts the family had collected over the years to discover.

Here is the back other locations the stark linearity of the structures would make them stand out, but in this landscape they recede into the landscape somehow, their jagged edges feeling more like ancient rocks than like modern design.

Generations of family photos were mounted on driftwood and hung throughout.

The large fish was my favorite part of the interior.

Shelves hold shells, model ships and a library about the area.

The Master Bedroom was papered in grasscloth, with an assortment of poppy paintings and photographs clustered above the bed. (It is the California state flower!)


Le Owner said...

So must have had a great time! The owl hooks and poppy art are to die for.

TrixieB said...

Owl hooks are great, but don't those screws look like nipples...just saying is all!

I love the overall aesthetic, feels like the "cabin" inspiration I've been blogging about. Hope it inspired you!

emily said...

It was such a charming place...and there was something more pleasing about the owls/mushrooms/poppies then usual because it was STILL there from the late sixties and not trendy retro recycling.

tippytay said...

this house will live in memories forever. what a beautful job captivating the design elements of not only the house, but the surrounding area