Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hoop Dreams

Since I broke it off with The Freelance Job, I've been trying to step it up a notch at SITE. More than a year of working 3 jobs left the store windows, um, a bit *cough* bland. I attribute this to many things: the lack of time, mental exhaustion, and a wee bit of poor planning on my part. (Uh, hooks in the ceiling would have been a nice touch- now I'm too afraid to hang a thing- for fear I'll mar the clean aesthetic that is SITE. And store windows look GOOD with things in many dimensions, hanging things would certainly be nice.)

I've been obsessed lately with embroidery hoops... magical, magical embroidery hoops. As a child my mother would host 'Needlework Night'(read: stitch and bitch) and had an endless supply with which to hold her designs. There's something homespun but fresh, crafy, and approachable about them to me.

I've been holding onto these inspiration images for the Hoop Window. I'm off to Brimfield this week to stock up on amazing vintage, and I think I'll let me latest finds inspire the color palate and mood.

The image that started it all. I so badly wanted to do this in my kitchen, but then I fell in love with something else and this got pushed aside.

Then came this amazing image, which made me think about hanging hoops in a whole new way- by chain! Of course! Cute Taxidermy Wall Wear by Little Pretty Studio- very clever indeed.

And then today, I found amazing hoop cork boards- such a smart idea, that makes me wanna try it out myself. And let's face it, the faux bois doesn't hurt the matter at all!


Kelly of The Vintage Butterfly Boutique said...

Oh, I love the embroidery hoop as artwork...and I keep forgetting that I want to do this also, lol.

In the late 80s this was popular but not in a clean, fresh effect like now. It was more of a frilly ribbon, ruffle and lace thing around the hoop itself with the fabric in the center.

Le Owner said...

I absolutely remember that- afterall, I'm from the midwest!!!