Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Things Get Made

Its what keeps most of us humble dreamers and not crazy successful crafters/business owners/designers- the HOW. HOW do I make that? HOW do I source that? HOW do I overcome the obstacles in the path?

Now it seems there are two new great sources for all us creative types out there. The first, Ponoko I've seen making the internet rounds lately, and I've clicked my way around several times. Each time, I'm more confused than the next but I like what I see. Apparently you just upload your idea on a file, they produce it and help you sell the finished product. Exciting or terrifying, I can't tell!

The next is Spoonflower, which immediately made me think of Em, as its a place where you go to make your own custom fabrics! It is invite only for now, so sign up quick! This all just makes my head swim with possibilities...you'll never say you could not find the perfect fabric again.


TrixieB said...

Noted. Thanks!

emily said...

You always know how to help us all get more awesome.