Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why I Love Jonathan Adler

Truly one of the pioneers of Hollywood Glamor, Jonathan Adler has long been on my design radar. Generally his palm beachy, happy-go-lucky, junk shop chic is just a little left of center for me, but I always manage to find a few amazing things anytime I peruse his shop. His latest collections and new COM friendly upholstery options make me happy and optimistic for future endeavors. Classical warrior bust lamp? J'adore. Needlepoint pillow with belt motif? Yes! More here.


TrixieB said...
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TrixieB said...

I have a pair of his oven mitts; it's about all I can afford. I actually got them as a gift, though, so I guess it's not what I can afford, but what my friend's can afford. The oven mitts are brown with blue flowers. I like them, so therefore I must like Jonathan Adler's work, too. Best Evah.

And sorry about the deleted seems so mysterious and scandalous, but no, I just pushed the wrong button!