Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday & Tuesday


It's technically my day off, but I woke up early, went to the bank, deposited store sales and got cash for Brimfield all before 8:30am. Decided I was already up, texted my friend Ivona, went to Michael's and got my hoops for the window, an egg breakfast at Panera, and started planning the rest of the day.

Ivona and I decided the perfect day off activity would be to check out the new controversial IKEA in Red Hook. We picked up the GPS and another friend (store owners and teachers make the best Monday pals!!) and were off in no time. It was stunning, easy to get to, on the water and stocked with lots of new goodies I'd never seen before. I got a grill pan for some tofu recipes I've been wanting to try, several bright fabrics for Hoop Window, and a few other bits I needed at the store.

My favorite new IKEA display, how to live in 375 sq. ft.

By late afternoon, I was sitting at the neighboring cafe, helping them scheme their new outdoor look. I'm inspired by their punk rock manager and new graphic menus. The cafe gives me their old fiberglass benches to use at SITE and we quickly move them into the store.

I get a call it's time to pick up my friends SUV for tomorrow's trip. By the time I'm done learning how to drive and park it, our friend Matthew is already at my place. We're making a mix for him to dj with this weekend at a friends wedding. We sit in the backyard with wine and glow-y light. A few friends stop in for wine as the evening goes on. I go to bed early.


The alarm goes off around 5am, I wake Marina and head to the shower. By 5:30 I'm making garlic edemame for the road, packing extra shoes and shirts for both of us, the iPod, GPS, extra bags, and other last minute finds. It's gonna be hot! At 6am we pick up Ivona at Starbucks, get caffinated and on the road.

We sail through CT and hit MA right on time, a first!! We need a little something-something before the hunt begins, get get more iced coffees, park the car and situate ourselves. We quickly discover that Tuesday is NOT the day to hit Brimfield- half the fields are closed!!! We sulk for a moment but then hit what is open. I find a pair of white iron chairs with heart shaped backs, plunk down my cash and am glad to have started the day with a good purchase. Sometimes you don't find anything for hours and it is defeating.

We're all a bit weary by 11, we get soda, fries, and falafels, sit in the shade and relax.

I'm in love with this little watering can I found after lunch!

By 1, I've found my favorite vendor! He sells adorable key chains from vintage silver patterns. Ivona and Marina know that I'll be awhile and stop for a beer.

At 4 we are all a bit sunburned (though we applied sunscreen regularly!), thirsty, dirty and hungry again. We pick up the car and start getting our large items from each field. By 4:30 we've programed our favorite Olive Garden into the GPS and set sail for salad, bread sticks and air conditioning!!

I dread the worst part- the unloading of the car, and since we borrowed it, we really have to unload tonight. We finish around 9, lock up the store. By 11 we're all out like lights, even though my favorite show is on.

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emily said...

That's it, I am coming with you next time!