Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lawn Furniture

This morning's house conversation: What kind of lawn furniture should we have?

If we were strictly sticking to the "cabin theme" one would get the crappy folding chairs with plaid strips of plastic-filled polyfiber something something that also helped win WWII. Fits in theme, but not very comfortable. After tooling around this wonderful thing called the Internet we discovered the retro metal chairs, only updated, recreated by Torrans Manufacturing Company of Jefferson, Texas.

This look is now filed in the "maybe" otherwise known in Mac and Sarah terms as: "I'm listening...." portion of our look book. Any other "vintage" inspired outdoor solutions? I'm all ears!


Le Owner said...

I found the outdoor furniture thing to be one of the more challenging finishing touches to the new place. I like the vibe your after- I think my grandparents had similar furniture in their yard.

There are also lots of rattan options that are of the same time period but a bit more femme.

TrixieB said...

I fear the Rattan - it's so hit or miss. Any suggestions of places to check out cool ones?

Yes, my Grandma had this type of furniture at her cabin (which was really a trailer home) in Northern Wisco. Ahh...the memories!

Le Owner said...

Did you look at that site? They are fiberglass- no rotting or warping, and you can paint them- imagine a fushia and blue patio, or orange and yellow or whatever your hearts desire!

I almost got the oval set for the yard with the panton chairs...

TrixieB said...

Fascinating. Me likey.